Running a Grange.

Resources to conduct a meeting.

Grange reports.

Forms for State Officers/Directors and County

Membership applications and officer nomination


 How to use the Resources


‘info’ denotes a flyer, text, brochure or other information

‘form’ indicates an editable PDF, If not editable, that is indicated, and if it is a brochure or other image based item containing a form, it will state “plus info” (and is not editable).
You may print the form and complete manually, or complete online and then print. In either case, the completed form must be mailed to the Oregon State Grange Office. 

‘webpage’ denotes a page with additional information or forms.

Community/Pomona Grange

State Grange

1+ Junior Grange/Youth

Virtual Meeting Policy info

Master’s Handbook info
Secretary’s Handbook info
Secretary’s Handbook Appendices info
Treasurer’s Handbook info
Floorwork Handbook info

Duties of Officers info

Parliamentary Procedure for Grange Members info
Chart of Motions and Rules Governing Them info

Example By-Laws info Word 
The Word version provides an editable form for you to adapt as desired.

Quarterly Report Page 2 form
If you did not receive a pre-printed Page 1 for the quarter, contact the State Grange Office.

The Grange: You Belong Brochure (includes membership application) info

Roster Community Grange form
Pomona form

Meeting Record form Word
Word version allows longer committee reports.

Supply Order form

Audit Report form plus info

Annual 990-N e-Filing with IRS info

Electronic Payment of Dues info

National Grange Q&A info
Bonding rates and deadlines are set by the National Grange and can change often. For the most current information, please consult the Bonding Rates link on the Secretaries Forms on this webpage
NOTE: The Secretaries Forms pages requires a registered National Grange web account.
Rates and deadlines from Oregon State Grange info

Annual Community Service Report form
Community Service Project form
Community Service Volunteer Log form
The log is printable only. 

Life Membership Application form
Memorial Life Membership Application form

Individual Member Record form

National Youth Officer Application form
This PDF is not editable, please print to use.


Nominations for Officers of the Oregon State Grange form

Request for Reimbursement form

County Deputy Grange Report form

Oregon State Grange Bulletin Change of Address form






Grange Resource Binder

A compilation of resources assembled by the Oregon State Grange. Any forms therein are printable only. Your Community Grange should have a printed copy, as well as a thumb drive with this information.  See the Information page for the full binder.

Section 1
01 Cover info
1-1 Grange Meeting Guidelines info
1-2 Grange Minutes Template info Word CURRENT
1-3 Roll Call Template info
1-4 Applications for Membership info
1-5 How to Initiate New Members info
1-6 New Member Welcoming Ceremony info
1-7 How to Conduct Grange Elections info 
1-8 Committee Guidelines info


Oregon Junior Grange Brochure (includes application) form plus info.
This PDF is not editable, please print to use. 

State Junior Officer Application form

Oregon Youth Grange application form
You must print this form and complete it.   

Organizing a County Youth Program info