Deaf Awareness and
Family Health

Tending the body.

The Grange has a long  history of supporting deaf and
hard of hearing programs.   

Unsurprisingly, an organization that promotes crop production,
gardening, farmers markets and local foods also 
places a premium on health.  

Granges in Oregon host low cost medical clinics, 
yoga, sponsor cuddle-cot programs for neo-natal
wards, and more.  



The Deaf Awareness and Family Health  Committee provides information to educate and assist individual Grange members about hearing loss, deafness and health. 




Lilly Anderson

District 1

Jim Newman

District 2

Tim Dehne

District 3

Theresa Throud

District 4


District 5


Gov. Kitzhaber signing the Newborn Hearing Testing bill, which the Oregon State Grange lobbied for, on August 17, 1999.

Dogs for Better Lives

Dogs for the Deaf is now Dogs for Better Lives. The 501(c)(3) no longer focuses solely on enabling hardly hearing and deaf people to live more independently in their homes and communities. They are also placing assistance dogs with those with autism and in classrooms or other programs where a dog can provide calm.

Granges have a long history of supporting this organization. Donations are always appreciated.

Mail         10175 Wheeler Rd, Central Point, OR  97502
Phone      541-826-9220 Voice or TDD

Sign-A-Song Contests

Although the Oregon State Grange and National Grange Youth Departments sponsor the Sign-A-Song contest, it is open to Grange members of any age as well as a Sign-A-Song contest contest for Juniors ages 5 through 14. See the Junior and Youth sections of the OSG Award book below in the resource section.

Deaf Awareness Grants

The National Grange Foundation awards Deaf Awareness Grants of up to $500 to three State Granges each year. The Foundation is looking for projects that have an impact on deaf education and involve members working with deaf community. The State Grange applies for a Subordinate/Community or Pomona Grange.  The application deadline is in early May. Additional information can be found on this webpage

He who has health has hope; and he who has hope, has everything.”  

Thomas Carlyle

See Junior Section info and Youth Section info of OSG Awards Book for Sign-A-Song contest information. 

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