The Foundation of

Not only the foundation of civilization, also the basis for
the creation of the Grange Fraternity. 

With changing American demographics, agriculture is
no longer the primary focus of the Grange, but the roots
run deep. 

Many farms and farmers still belong to the Grange, and
many Granges support or host farmers markets,
local food production or programs such as Ag in the 



The Agriculture Committee promotes Agriculture by helping keep members up to date, representing the Grange at Ag-Fest in Salem, honoring an Agriculturist of the Year and sponsoring an informative Ag Tour featuring a local agricultural entity at the beginning of each annual Convention. 


June Colony

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District 5


Look for the Oregon State Grange at Ag-Fest at Oregon State Faigrounds in April. We provide children (of all ages) the opportunity to transplant a vegetable or flower start and then take it home, tend it, water it, and watch it grow. 

See the Education Committe (link to} page for information on AG in the Classroom.

See the resources listed below for the Agriculture Committee section of the OSG Award Book for information on submitting nominations for Agriculturist of the Year, or Agricultural Innovation of the Year.


“When tillage begins, other arts follow. The farmers, therefore, are the founders of human civilization”  

Daniel Webster

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