Presenting to the

Informing members. 

The Grange supports education for all, and 
the Office of Lecturer is resposnible
for providing an informational program
at meetings.    

The Lecturer Committee aids Community Grange Lecturers by providing program ideas. The Lecturer Committee also provides a wide variety of contests; Art, Promotional Materials Creative Writing and a Talent show judged at the annual Convention. Each major category contains many contest options. 


Cookie Trupp

District 1

Louise Holst

District 2

Courtney Croy

District 3

Sam Keator

District 4

Bev Bush

District 5

Debbi de Boer

At Large

Michelle Croy

At Large

Susie Kroeker

The State Grange Lecturer has designed a handbook to assist Community Grange Lecturers. It is located at the bottom of the webpage. Please use it as presented or allow it to inspire you and find new ideas.     

All entries (except Talent Show) must be registered by Noon on Sunday at the State Grange Convention. Talent Show entrants must be a Grange member and sign up with the State Lecturer no later than Noon on Saturday at the State Grange Convention. They will also be required to participate in a sound check at least two hours prior to the contest and will be notified by the Lecturer Committee regarding the specifics.  

Non-Members are permitted to enter some of the other categories. Please see the Lecturer section of the OSG Award book listed below for full rules of each category. 

Please see below for a link to the GWA/Lecturer contest entry forms. 

You can browse issues of A Quarter’s Worth, the National Grange Lecturer’s newsletter, here


“Man and woman are the educators of youth and co-students through life; therefore both must acquire knowledge and wisdom. Education adds the greatest charm to woman—it is companion of which no misfortune can deprive her, a friend no enemy can alienate, an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity. In this degree—your Spring season in our Order—begin new the acquisition of knowledge.” 


Assistant Stewards Charge

OSG Award, Contests and Scholarship Book Lecturer section info

GWA/Lecturer Contest entry form

Lecturers Talent Show Entry form

Lecturer Handbook

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