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Most 2023 Convention Forms Ready

The forms for Meals and Community Grange delegates are not quite ready, they should be added soon. All of the remaining forms, including a new for for Juniors interested in attending, are available on the Online Calender and News -> Conventions page, or you can click...

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New Community Service Project Tracking Form

There is a new here to help you track your community service projects. It is listed under Resources->Administration, and also on the Committees->Community Service and Involvement page. It can also be obtained here

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Grange Growth Summit

Grange Growth Summit

Amanda Brozana-Rios, Communications Director at the National Grange will be the featured speaker at the Grange Growth Summit.DATETIMEPLACeCOSTCONTACT INFO

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150th Anniversary Candles

150th Anniversary Candles

Show your support for the Oregon State Grange! 150 Candles are available, starting at $1 and increasing by $1 for each candle, up to $150 for the last candle. Each candle will cost the number of the candle. Contact the Oregon State Grange Office to see which numbers...

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Lane Pomona #14

Meets at 10 AM for business, potluck at noon after meeting January 13 at Dorena, April 13 at Lorane (fifth degree), July 13 at Ada and October 12 at Walterville […]

Event Series Linn Pomona #12

Linn Pomona #12

Meets at 10:00 AM for business, potluck at noon or following meeting. January 13 at Morning Star, April 13 at Lacomb, July 13 at Santiam Valley, October 12 at Lacomb […]

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