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‘info’ denotes a flyer, text, brochure or other information

‘form’ indicates an editable PDF, If not editable, that is indicated, and if it is a brochure or other image based item containing a form, it will state “plus info” (and is not editable).
You may print the form and complete manually, or complete online and then print. In either case, the completed form must be mailed to the Oregon State Grange Office. 

‘webpage’ denotes a page with additional information or forms.

Grange Operations

Virtual Meeting Policy info

President/Master’s Handbook info
Secretary’s Handbook info
Secretary’s Handbook Appendices info
Treasurer’s Handbook info
Floorwork Handbook info

Duties of Officers info

Parliamentary Procedure for Grange Members info
Chart of Motions and Rules Governing Them info

Example By-Laws info Word 
The Word version provides an editable form for you to adapt as desired.

Audit Report form plus info

Annual 990-N e-Filing with IRS info

Electronic Payment of Dues info

National Grange Q&A info
Bonding rates and deadlines are set by the National Grange and can change often. For the most current information, please consult the Bonding Rates link on the Secretaries Forms on this webpage
NOTE: The Secretaries Forms pages requires a registered National Grange web account.

Grange Hall Safety Checklist info

Liability Insurance info

Oregon State Grange

Oregon State Grange By-Laws info

Oregon State Grange Policy Handbook info

Oregon State Grange Awards, Contests and Scholarships book
Agriculture section into
Community Service section info
GWA section info
Junior section info
Lecturer section info
Membership section info
Youth section info
Community Grange section info
Scholarship section info


Sign Reimbursement Program info

Oregon State Grange Loans to Community Granges info

Oregon State Grange Foundation Brochure info


Press Release Best Practices info

Tips for Effective Flyer info

Grange Month Poster info
Grange Month Letter info

Grange Month Citizen Award Order form
This PDF is not editable, you must print to use.

Home and Heart flyer info

Come Together at the Grange
Program ideas info
Sample Open House/Event Invites info
Table Toppers printouts info
Tearoff posters info

Membership Brochures
The Grange: You Belong info
Oregon Grange Youth info
Oregon Junior Grange info 



State Convention Proceedings
2020 2019 2018 part 1 part 2 2017 part 1 part 2 
2016 part 1 part 2 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011

Hand in History: 150 Years of Grange in America info

Oregon State Grange Achievements info


National Grange

The National Grange proves a wide array of useful resources to members at this webpage
NOTE: You must register as a member of the National Grange website to access.

Information on National Grange Lecturer contests, including the Quilt Block Contest form may be found on this webpage 
NOTE: This page does not require an account. 

National Grange Digest webpage
You must be logged in, then proceed to Member Resources->National Digest of Laws. 

Supplemental Committee information

Community Service

The Endless Sea Filled with Possibilities Book info 

Deaf Awareness and Family Health

Dogs for Deaf DVD info

Looking for a Compatible Cell Phone? info

Cochlear Implants info

Hear It Is info
Hearing Loss Association of Oregon Newsletter

The Ear info
The mechanics of how ears function and assistive technology for the hearing impaired. Contact DAFH Committee for the PowerPoint version.

Your Guide to Better Hearing info

Your Guide to Hearing Aides info

What You Need to Know about Hearing Aids info

Deafness at Birth: Daily Maintenance and use of Hearing Aids info

How LOUD is it info

Facts About Noise-Induced Hearing Loss info


See page for useful website links


GWA/Lecturer Contest entry form 


Oregon Junior Grange Brochure (includes application) form plus info.
This PDF is not editable, please print to use.

State Junior Officer Application form

Junior Grange Monthly Activity Sheets info
PDF contains all months. Print each month as needed.


GWA/Lecturer Contest entry form

Lecturers Talent Show Entry form

Lecturer Handbook

Introduction info
Grange info
Grange History info
–This & That info
–More This & That info
–Fun & Games info
Family info
Oregon Attractions info
–Covered Bridges info
–Hikes info
Health info
Seasons & Holidays info
Flag info
Quizzes and Games info


Writing a Resolution info

Writing a Lawmaker info

Trifold on writing resolutions info


Membership Brochures
The Grange: You Belong info
Oregon Grange Youth info
Oregon Junior Grange info  


See page for useful website links


Oregon Youth Grange application form
You must print this form and complete it. 

Organizing a County Youth Program info

Oregon State Junior Grange Officer Application form



Grange Resource Binder

A compilation of resources assembled by the Oregon State Grange. Any forms therein are printable only. Your Community Grange should have a printed copy, as well as a thumb drive with this information.
If a section is marked CURRENT, the link points to the resource library, which may be more recent than what was printed, or, in the case of National Grange materials, the link points to their website, which may contain updated material.  

Section 1
01 Cover info
1-1 Grange Meeting Guidelines info
1-2 Grange Minutes Template info Word CURRENT
1-3 Roll Call Template info
1-4 Applications for Membership info
1-5 How to Initiate New Members info
1-6 New Member Welcoming Ceremony info
1-7 How to Conduct Grange Elections info 
1-8 Committee Guidelines info

Section 2
02 Cover info
2-1 Hierarchy of Grange Law info
2-2 Community Grange by-laws template info Word CURRENT 
2-3 info Oregon State Grange By-Laws info CURRENT
2-4, 2-5 Organization of National Laws and National Grange Digest CURRENT webpage
You must be logged in, then proceed to Member Resources. 

Section 3
03-Cover info
3-1 Duties of Officers info CURRENT
3-2 President/Master’s Handbook info CURRENT
3-3 Secretary’s Handbook info CURRENT
3-4 Treasurer’s Handbook info CURRENT
3-5 Floorwork Handbook info CURRENT
3-6 EC vs Board of Directors info




Section 4
04 Cover info
4-1 Tax Exempt Status and Incorporation info
4-2 Online Dues or Payments info CURRENT
4-3 Investments with State Grange info
4-4 Donation receipt sample letter info
4-5 Fundraising letter and ideas info

Section 5
05 Cover info
5-1 OSG Matching Grant Program form and info CURRENT
5-2 OSG Sign Reimbursement Program info CURRENT
5-3 OSG Loan Program info CURRENT
5-4 Foundation Programs info
5-5 Scholarship Information info

Section 6
06 Cover info
6-1 How to write a resolution info
6-2 Meeting with your Elected Representative info
6-3 OSG Legislative Policy Handbook info CURRENT
6-4 National Legislative Policies website CURRENT
6-5 Delegates to State Grange Convention info
6-6 Opportunities to serve the OSG info



Section 7
07 Cover info
7-1 Local Grange Website Instructions info
7-2 Website and social media code of conduct info
7-3 Setting up a Grange email info
7-4 Social Media Orientation Kit info 
7-5 Communications Workbook info
7-6 Press Releases info
7-7 OSG Bulletin information and schedule info

Section 8
08 Cover info
8-1 National Grange Distinguished Grange Award webpage CURRENT
8-2 National Grange in Action Award webpage CURRENT 
8-3 Grange Legacy Family webpage CURRENT
8-4 OSG Honor Grange form plus info Tracking form CURRENT
8-5 Glossary of Terms info