Non-Partisan. All Policy.

Since its inception, the Grange has been an active
force in defining legislative policy. 

From fighting unfair railroad monopolies with
the ‘Granger Laws’ in the beginning, up to the
push to expand rural broadband, the Grange 
advocates for rural Oregonians. 

All Grange policy, even National Grange, begins at the Community Grange level. A true grassroots style. Such resolutions may be submitted to State and National Grange, and if passed, become policy. 

The Legislative Committee assembles and updates the Oregon State Grange Policy Handbook, works with the Oregon State Grange Lobbyist, and provides tools to assist Granges in developing resolutions. They also hold a legislative luncheon in Salem annually to publicize and promote the Grange and its policies with lawmakers in Salem.  


Mark Noah

District 1

Dean High

District 2

Harold Johnson

District 3

Eva Frost

District 4

Don Kingsborough

District 5



John DeHaas


Grange members are educated on the importance of civic engagement and advocacy and empowered to serve their state and communities in a variety of ways.

  • Community Granges are a place where members can discuss ballot measures and local state, and national issues
  • Current issues of interest include rural high-speed internet, water rights, public safety, school funding and more.
  • Any member can propose a resolution that addresses local, state, or federal concerns.
  • Grange Day at the Capitol brings members to Salem to experience our legislature in action. 


  • Host a candidates’ forum: The Grange is non-partisan, which means that Subordinate/Community, Pomona, State, and National Granges do not support or oppose a candidate or party. However, your Grange can invite all candidates for an office to speak at an event. Invite your members, friends, relatives, and neighbors to attend and learn.
  • Organize an issue forum
  • Research and distribute information
  • Involve all Grangers
  • Publicize your Grange’s position on an issue
  • Recruit new members
  • Write a resolution to change Grange policy. See the info at the bottom of the page.
  • Write a lawmaker to express your views on legislation in Salem or Washington, DC
  • See below for a 8.5×11 trifold Writing Resolution handout


You can read the National Grange Legislative policies on this webpage

“Common sense often makes good law.” 


William O. Douglas

Oregon State Grange Policy Handbook info

OSG Award, Contests and Scholarship Book Legislative section info

Writing a Resolution info

Writing a Lawmaker info

Trifold on writing resolutions info