Checklists and

Help for renting.

Hall rentals provide a community gathering place,
and a source of income but just like renting a
house, it takes some effort to do right.

Tips, forms and ideas to help a Community Grange
provide a valuable community asset.

NOTE: If you are interested in renting a Grange Hall,
please see the Find A Grange page. If you click
on a selected Grange, the Phone number 
displayed is the rental contact. Additional
contact information for Grange matters is 
displayed in the notes. 

 How to use the Resources


‘info’ denotes a flyer, text, brochure or other information

‘form’ indicates an editable PDF, If not editable, that is indicated, and if it is a brochure or other image based item containing a form, it will state “plus info” (and is not editable).
You may print the form and complete manually, or complete online and then print. In either case, the completed form must be mailed to the Oregon State Grange Office. 

‘webpage’ denotes a page with additional information or forms.

Grange Hall Safety Checklist info

Sample Grange Hall Hold Harmless Agreement form
This rental form sample has been updated to allow alcohol and identify whether use is high-risk requiring additional insurance. Optional, but strongly recommended.

Liability Insurance info

COVID-19 Rental Addendum Word