Growing the Organization.

The primary focus of the Grange is not recruitment, yet
an organization that does not have a sustaining membership
will soon find itself in trouble.  



The Membership Committee assists Community Granges by providing resources and training on member recruitment. At the State Convention, they recognize those Granges which had the largest membership gains at the Membership Luncheon and also provide Grange pins, shirts and accessories for sale to members at the Convention to show their love of the Grange.


Jill Hamm

District 1


District 2

Jeff Dehne

District 3


District 4

Jessie Jo Guttridge

District 5

Myrna Colvin


Suzy Ramm

Please see the resources listed at bottom of page for membership brochures and some examples of brochures Granges have made for themselves. 

All Granges that have a 15% of greater annual gain are eligible for an indoor/outdoor flag drawing at the Membership Lunchoen.

Past winners of Membership awards
2021 Convention: Willamette Grange #52 75% increase in membership in 2020
2020 Convention: Barlow Gate Grange #157 20.8% increase in membership in 2019
2019 Convention: Hillsboro Grange #73 64% increase in membership in 2018



“If you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go far, go together.”  

African proverb

OSG Award, Contests and Scholarship Book Membership section info

Membership Brochures
The Grange: You Belong (contains membership application form) info
Oregon Grange Youth info
Oregon Junior Grange info