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Discover the Family Fraternity for the 21st Century

In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; in all things, charity.  


Granges debate, discuss and advocate for policy, not parties. The Grange led the way on issues such as womens rights,  free rural mail delivery and rural electrification and today advocates for rural broadband.

Family Friendly

Junior Grangers range in age from 5 to 14, and those 14 and older are full-fledged Grange members. Family is central in the Grange. 

Serving the Community

Recognizing Veterans, Game, Movie or Music nights, supporting foodbanks, hosting medical clinics, or donating medical supplies, supporting disaster victims and so much more.


Race, religion, gender and ethnicity are not barriers to membership. The Grange prides itself on providing an equal role for women since its inception,


The Grange requires a belief in the divine nature that provides the gift of life. It does not proscribe the form of that belief.

About Us

The Oregon State Grange has been aiding and promoting the efforts of Community Granges since 1873.  Learn more about the Grange accomplishments, history, organization and purpose under the Discover the Grange menu.



Good Food, Good Friends

Family Friendly

Community Service

Somethings Always Cooking at the Grange

Develop Your Talents

The Oregon State Grange

All Community Grange members are members of the Oregon State Grange. The Oregon State Grange represents Oregon at national events and provides resources, education, aid and assistance to Community Granges.





 Need Help?

Check out our library of logos, forms, resource booklets and more! Some additional resources are also in the section for members who are logged in. 

What’s Going On

Community Granges DO things. From putting on pancake breakfasts, or other meals to community service efforts like road or park cleanups or fundraising events to holding a wide variety of community or fun events such as farmers markets, concerts, yoga, craft fairs, haunted houses, harvest festivals, quilting bees, plays, and so much more. Our News and Events section lets you discover what is happening in Oregon and learn what is new from the State Grange.

Most 2023 Convention Forms Ready

The forms for Meals and Community Grange delegates are not quite ready, they should be added soon. All of the remaining forms, including a new for for Juniors interested in attending, are available on the Online Calender and News -> Conventions page, or you can click...

Upcoming Events

Washington Yamhill Pomona 2

Tigard Grange 148 Hall 13770 SW Pacific Highway, Tigard, OR

Pomona Grange meeting opens at 10:00am and ends by 12:00 noon. Lunch is served by the Host Grange at $5.00 each.



On-Site Registration Begins for 2023 Convention