Oregon State Grange

Serving rural Oregon since 1873. 

Administering, aiding and assisting Granges
across Oregon.  

Providing advice on Grange matters,
forms, training, programs, loans,
grants, the Oregon State Grange
Bulletin, limited legal advice, supplies
and encouragement.

Works with Oregon State Grange


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Oregon State Grange
643 Union St NE
Salem OR 97301

Office Hours
Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday 8AM-4:30PM

503.316.0106 Telephone
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Our Mission

The Oregon State Grange represents local Oregon Community Granges and promotes the policies they define. OSG provides a variety of resources to Granges to assist in operations, increase visibility and promote interaction between Granges in the state of Oregon. Our mission is to help your Grange. 

“We propose meeting together, talking together, working together, and in general, acting together for our mutual protection and advancement. We shall constantly strive to secure harmony, good will, and brotherhood, and to make our Order perpetual. We shall earnestly endeavor to suppress personal, local, sectional, and national prejudices, all unhealthy rivalry and all selfish ambition.”

National Grange Declaration of Principles.

What is the Oregon State Grange?

 The Oregon State Grange consists of an office, with staff, elected Grange Officers, elected Youth Officers, eleven committee Directors, each with district representatives, a bi-monthly newsletter, and independent 501c3 Oregon State Grange Foundation. Officers are elected for two-year terms. 

Every Grange member belonging to an Oregon Grange is a member of the Oregon State Grange. 

The State Grange holds an annual convention every year, which rotates between districts.