Community Service

Firefighter, Law Enforcement Officer, and Teacher of the Year Awards

Send the form to the Community Service Director postmarked no later than September 15. The first place winner in each category will sent to the National Grange Convention in November.

Community Service Committee Report

This past six months members of your State Grange Community Service Committee have visited Granges to deliver banners and boxes and encourage Granges to recruit new members.  The results have been outstanding.  By visiting other Granges, we have benefited too.  We renewed relationships and learned firsthand about the work those Granges are doing in their communities.

The Annual Community Service Report is very important. Oregon is one of the few states that does not require non-profits to report volunteer hours to maintain their non-profit status, but with rules becoming tighter for non-profits, this could soon be a requirement.  So we need to continue to show that we are in compliance and doing a good job of tracking our volunteer hours.  Yes, I read all of the reports.  Each report is logged on a spreadsheet to track the number of volunteer hours and the type of projects your Grange is involved within your community.  You all should be proud of the work you are doing for your community.

The Oregon State Grange receives prize money ($250) from the National Grange, IF 25% of Granges send in their Community Service reports.  All participating Granges will receive a recognition certificate for submitting an Annual Report.

The first place winner of the Community Service Yearbook will be sent to National Grange.  The book should include pictures, documentation and/or news articles showing your Grange projects for the past year.  If you did not do a Yearbook this year, I encourage you to visit the Community Service area during State Convention.  This will inspire you to do a Yearbook next year.  The winners will be added to this report when we receive the results at the State Convention.

The Volunteer of the Year program needs to be stepped up.  I know we have a lot more outstanding volunteers in our Granges.  Now it the time to identify the person you will nominate for next year’s Volunteer of the Year.

National Grange is continuing the Dick Patten Community Service Person of the Year Award to recognize a Firefighter (FF), Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) and Teacher of the year.  We all know that these public servants do an outstanding job in our community.  I encourage more Granges to participate in this program.

A BIG THANK YOU to my Community Service District chairs.  This is truly a year of awesomeness and partnership.  They have all visited Granges in their District and delivered their boxes.  I know a few of them stepped out of their “comfort zone” to reach this objective.  I am very PROUD of them all.

Eva Frost, OSG CS Director

Community Service Awards

Volunteer of the Year Award:  Jay Sexton, Marys River Grange #685

Annual Community Service Report filed by 57 Granges

From the 2016 reports, we had 116,105 volunteer hours donated by 748 members.

Community Service Yearbook Winners:  The first place winner will be sent to National Grange.

1st        Dorena #835                        $100
2nd       Spencer Creek #855            $75
3rd        Walterville #416                  $50
4th        Lorane #54                           $25

Annual Community Service Report

Record projects performed by your Grange between January 1 and December 31. Mail report to the Community Service Director postmarked no later than June 1.

Use the Community Service Volunteer Log to have members record their volunteer hours once a month.  The miles column needs be completed only if a member is tracking them for their own tax purposes.

Community Service Yearbook

Community Service Yearbooks must be entered for judging at the State Grange Convention by noon on Sunday June 25.  If no one from your Grange is attending the convention, you may mail your book to the Community Service Director postmarked no later than June 1.

Volunteer of the Year

Recognize a member, who is a dedicated volunteer in your community. Mail the nomination form to the State Grange Community Service Director postmarked no later than June 1.

Possibilities Book

Community service projects listed by one or more Granges on the Annual Report are now included in the Possibilities book.  See Section II, especially pages 34-40.

Community Service Committee

Eva Frosteva_frost
PO Box 1453
Scappoose, OR 97056
District 1
Darlene Anderson
3835 Lakeshore Dr
Selma, OR 97538
District 2
Cookie Trupp
PO Box 25425
Eugene, OR 97402
District 3
Cindy Becker
PO Box 1453
Scappoose, OR 97056
District 4
Cathy Assad
17954 SE Addie St
Milwaukie, OR 97267
District 5
Louise Holst
780 Del Fatti Ln
Klamath Falls, OR 97603
District 6
Debbi deBoer
509 Locust Ave.
Nyssa, OR 97913

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