Veterans Committee Report

First of all, a big “Thank You” to your OSG Veterans committee for their support and sage advice in developing the OSG Veterans committee agenda: Bill Wagoner, District 1; Lee Cornforth, District 2; Alan Becker, District 3; Kim Schettig, District 4; Richard McDonnell, District 5; Roger Wilson, District 6, and Dick Wyant and Phil Van Buren, At Large members.

Veterans Pictures in Grange Bulletin

Suzy Ramm wrote an excellent article for the Grange Bulletin about Grange members currently serving in the US military. She has been an invaluable help in being able to communicate with you, the members.

Email Tree

One of the prime concerns has been being able to communicate with and to you, the members, in a timely manner. While the Grange Bulletin is still a tried and true method, our fast paced society would soon leave us far behind in many aspects of life and drastically inhibit our ability to make a difference to those we are trying to serve.  In trying to develop an email communications system, we need your assistance by having a contact person in each and every Grange in our state that will tell not only the members of their Grange, but also their community what is happening, needed, and where to find vital information to solve the needs of those around us.  As a Grange, or an individual, we can only impact our neighbors to the degree with which we can make a difference in their lives.

Governors’ Budget and Grange Resolve

We were able to utilize the email tree almost immediately when the Governor proposed a radicle change in funding for the veterans (and education) because of the ballot measure that was overwhelmingly approved by the voters (over 80%) in the November 2016 election.  While we still do not know the conclusion of our legislator’s decisions, the Governor has “called for an increased investment in state’s veteran services” according to an article published in the Oregon Veterans News magazine.  As they say, the proof is in the details. We will just have to wait and see on this one.

Albany Veterans Day Parade

On November 11, 2018 a host of Grange members from around the state traveled to Albany to participate in the Veterans Day parade. As usual for Grange members the comradery and jubilance carried the day, and a good time was had by all. We will be contacting many of you, so get last year’s Grange Bulletin out, read up on what happened at the parade and get others to join you in Albany this year.

Member Feedback

Response to OSG VC information has been positive and uplifting.  Thank you to those who have taken the time to encourage us in our endeavors.  We even received a handwritten snail mail letter saying thank you for the encouragement.

James Clute, Director Oregon State Grange Veteran Committee

Vets News

You can read Vets News online or have the free publication delivered to your mailbox or email box in May, August and November.  Every issue of this publication of the Oregon Department of Veterans Affairs features events, legislation, and personal interest articles and lists contact info for the Veteran Service Office in your area.

ODVA Vet News
700 Summer St NE
Salem OR 97301-1285
Phone (503) 373-2390

Email: odvapublicinformation@odva.state.or.u

Have a Question about Veteran’s Benefits?

Whether you served your country more than 70 years ago or have just returned home, the Oregon Department of Veterans’ Affairs (ODVA) and Veterans Service Officers (VSOs) statewide stand ready to assist you, answer your questions, help with a new or existing VA claim, or provide other veteran related information. Use the Service Office Locator to find the VSO for your county.  The page for your county lists the names, addresses, and phone numbers of the VSOs and their office hours.

Thinking of Donating to a Charity for Veterans

To make sure that every dollar you donation benefits veterans, check the Charity Navigator website.

The Joys of Living Assistance Dogs

The State Grange Veterans Committee supports The Joys of Living Assistance Dogs. For more information, see their website: www.joydogs.orgjoyslogo

Executive Director Joy St. Peter wrote former Veterans Committee Director, Mark Schnetzky, “You and the members of the Oregon Grange have given so much to the JLAD organization this year through the outreach at the state meeting as well as the local granges we presented at. It is passionate supporters such as you that make this organization successful for us and the recipients we strive to benefit.”

Veterans Certificates

Certificates to recognize Vietnam veterans can be ordered. To request a certificate, please make sure to include the following information: name of veteran, name of Grange they belong to or who is giving out the certificate, the name of the local Master and Lecturer, the city and town the Grange Veteran is located in and the shipping address. There is no cost to you or your Grange for program material or the certificates. This program is sponsored by Potomac Grange #1. Contact the National Grange Communications Manager at or call at 888-4-Grange.

Certificates are available for FREE from the National Grange to recognize veterans of World War II, Korea and Vietnam and the conflicts not classified as wars during the Cold War Era. Certificates will be available in mid-2017 for Gulf War Veterans and in 2018 for all those serving in the post-9/11 era conflicts/wars. This program is sponsored by Potomac Grange #1 (DC). Informational DVDs are available to explain WWII – what led to the war, the war itself, its toll and its impact on our nation – and the Korean War. DVDs on Vietnam and the Cold War conflicts are expected out in 2017 and Gulf War and Post-9/11 in 2018. These can be used to glean information needed for a great Lecturer’s program or can be an introduction for Junior Grangers and Grange Youth to citizenship and patriotism lessons. Contact the National Grange Lecturer at or call (202) 628-3507 ext. 102.

Quilts of Valor

The Grange is both a highly patriotic organization and one filled with amazingly talented individuals who understand the power and sentiment of handicrafts such as quilts. As part of our Patriot’s Program, started in 2012, we are encouraging all Granges to identify members who are veterans or active duty service members that were deployed during war time and request for them a Quilt of Valor.
Quilts of Valor are free.  They are made by volunteers who seek to “cover service members and veterans touched by war with comfort and healing Quilts of Valor.” After you have submitted a request, or if you know of a Grange member who has received a Quilt of Valor in the past, please contact the National Grange Lecturer at or call (202) 628-3507 ext. 102 to inform us of your request/the Quilt of Valor already received, the name of the veteran and your Grange’s name.

Veterans Committee

James Clute
925 Gales Creek Rd
Forest Grove, OR 97116
District 1
Sean Burris
190 McNabb Creek Rd
Winston, OR 97496
District 2
Mike Cantrell
79311 Letz Creek Rd
Lorane, OR 97451
District 3
Alan Becker
Box 1054
Scappoose, OR 97056
District 4
James Dumolt
26354 S Beeson Rd
Beavercreek, OR 97004
District 5
Richard McDonnell
Box 2294
La Pine, OR 97739
District 6
Roger Wilson
49667 River Rd
Pendleton, OR 97801
At Large
Phil Van Buren
780 Del Fatti Ln
Klamath Falls, OR 97603

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