Columbia Pomona Meeting

Meeting at 10:00 AM with lunch at noon or after meeting, Picinic in August. Meets first Saturday in February at Beaver Valley, May at Vernonia, August at Fairgrounds, November at Warren and February 2025 at Beaver Homes.  

Clackamas Pomona Meeting

Clackamas County Pomona meets at 9:30 AM with $5 lunch provided at noon or after meeting. Picinic potluck at July meeting. April 27 at Beavercreek, July 27 at Beavercreek,  October 26 at Springwater, January 25 at TBA

Baker Pomona Meeting

Meets first Saturday in February, May and November and 2nd Saturday in August. 1030 Business Meeting, Potluck at Noon.  May 4 at new Bridge, August 10 at Pine Valley, February 1 2025 at Eagle Valley.