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Second COVID grant

2020 Grange Month – Grange Month Proclamation with frame

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Some subsections were not posted, see notes after each section.

Section One click  on desired tab; 01-Cover 1-1 Grange Meeting Guidelines 1-2 Grange Minutes Template 1-3 Roll Call Template 1-4 Applications for Membership 1-5 How to Initate New Members 1-6 New Member Welcoming Ceremony 1-7 How to Conduct Grange Elections 1-8 Committee Guidelines

Section Two – click on desired tab; 2- Cover 2-1 Hierarchy of Grange Law2-2 thru 2-5 over 2MB-cannot load to website.

Section Three – Click on desired tab; 03-Cover 3-6 EC vs Board of Directors3-1 thru 3-5 over 2 MB-cannot load to website

Section Four – click on desired tab; 04-Cover 4-1 Tax Exempt Status and Incorporation 4-3 Investements with the State Grange 4-4 Donation receipt sample letter 4-5 Fundraising letter and Ideas 4-2 is over 2 MB-cannot load to website

Section Five – click on desired tab: 05-Cover 5-2 OSG Sign Reimbursement Program 5-3 OSG Loan Program 5-4 Foundation Programs 5-5 Scholarship Information 5-1 is over 2 MB-cannot load to website

Section Six – click on desired tab; 06-Cover 6-1 How to write a resolution 6-2 Meeting with your Elected Representative 6-5 Delegates to State Grange Convention 6-6 Opportunities to Serve the OSG 6-3 thru 6-4 over 2 MB cannot load to website

Section Seven – click on desired tab; 07-cover 7-2 Website and social media code of conduct 7-3 Setting up a Grange email 7-5 Communications Workbook 7-6 Press Releases 7-7 OSG Bulletin information and schedule 7-1, 7-2 and 7-4 are over 2 MB-cannot load to website

Section Eight – click on desired tab; 08-cover 8-2 National Grange Grange in Action Award 8-3 Grange Legacy Family 8-4 OSG Honor Grange Award 8-5 Glossery of Terms 8-1, 8-6 & 8-7 over 2 MB-cannot load to website

Annual 990-N e-filing with IRS Directions
1 in 1,000 Club of the National Grange Foundation
Only 1,000 numbered lifetime members for the 1 in 1,000 Club will be available for a one-time buy-in of $1,000 each.  Complete this form.
Is your Grange celebrating 100 years?  125 years?  Order a certificate and plaque from National Grange.  The cost is $10 for shipping.
Audit Report
BondingThe Digest of Laws of the National Grange stipulates that all Granges, at their own expense, are to bond at least their Secretary and Treasurer.  The National Grange has purchased a group insurance policy through National Grange Mutual Insurance Company of Keene, NH. Although participation in the group policy is not required, holding a bond or policy is required.2019 Bonding Information
Floorwork Handbook, also known as the “Pink Book”, updated 2017
Grange Legacy Family application must be received by the National Grange by the First Monday in August; families with five or more generations of members, including current Juniors, will receive certificates and recognition at the National Grange Convention in November
Grange Hall Rental Agreement updated to allow alcoholic beverages to be served by renters and identify whether use is high-risk requiring additional insurance


COVID-19 Rental Agreement Addendum

Investment Guidelines for Subordinate & Pomona Granges


Liability Insurance for Users of Grange Property from Nancy Murray, State Grange Attorney
Loans to Subordinate Granges
Matching Grant Program – Spring 2022 application packet; click HERE


  • Grant Explanation, Program and Criteria
  • Helpful Hints
  • Lessons Learned from Former Grant Recipients
  • Grant Application
    • Type in form: Type, print, and mail. If you have trouble printing, try printing pages 1-4 and then pages 5-6. Your printer may not be able to handle switching from portrait to landscape orientation.
  • Final Grant Report
    • Print form: Write information with pen.
    • Type-in form: Type, print, and mail.
New Member Welcoming Ceremony
Parliamentary Procedure for Grange Members If you download this document, it prints one page per 8-1/2 x 11 sheet of paper. Pages 9 & 10 are blank because when printed in booklet form, the Chart of Precedence of Motions and Summary of Rules Governing Them is the centerfold. Contact the State Grange office to order copies in booklet form.
Press Release Best Practices
Quarterly Report:  Back side where list members gained and lost.  The front side is generated for each Grange based on the number of members.


Sign Reimbursement Program
Suggested Subordinate/Community Grange By-Laws – updated 3/2015
Download as Microsoft Word Document,
which you can edit
Tip Sheet for Making Effective Flyers

Virtual/Electronic Policy for Participation at Subordinate Meetings 


Distinguished Subordinate/Community Grange 


  • Print Form: Write information with pen. Must be sent to the National Grange postmarked no later than August 6, 2020. NOTE: National Grange is aware that OR and WA will not have had their state convention prior to that date, so please submit your application no matter your score.

Grange In Action Award – click HERE

Honor Grange


Duties of Officers Handbook, includes duties of committees; updated 2016
Officer Selection & Duties includes duties of each officer (page 2) and installation of officers. It was written to be printed on one sheet of paper (front and back) and then folded in half, pamphlet style.
Master’s Handbook updated January 2015


Secretary’s Handbook updated February 2017



Treasurer’s Handbook issued 2016

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