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5/2/2020 – Today the Oregon State Grange Executive Committee made the difficult decision to cancel the State convention scheduled for June in Klamath Falls.  We are hopeful that we can reschedule for a date in the fall, probably September or October, but until the Governor opens up her restrictions we are in a holding pattern.  Once we can reschedule we will first check with the fairgrounds in Klamath Falls to see if they can accommodate us, and if not we may look to the Salem area.  I know many of you may have already made reservations in Klamath Falls, but this should give you plenty of time to cancel them without penalty.  As soon as we have rescheduled each Grange will be notified and registration materials will be sent out at that time.

We also made the decision to forgo the Preferential ballot for State Officers.  This means that all of the names that were on that ballot will now be on the ballot at State Session.  Oregon has a long history of allowing the Subordinate membership to have a say in the ballot for State Officers and we did not take this step without some anguish, but we also do not want to ask Granges to go against the Governors orders to keep our facilities closed for the next month.  So no balloting this month, but keep in mind that your delegates will be voting at State Session, whenever it happens.

I know several Granges have been exploring the use of conference calling and Zoom meetings in order to keep in touch with their members and I support this effort.  We must continue to reach out to each other and to keep connecting with each other through these means until we can “Come Together at the Grange”.  Just remember that what ever service you choose, you must notify and invite all of your members and you must still have a quorum of seven consider it a legal meeting.  The National Master has already stated that while states are locked down the National Grange will excuse the monthly meeting requirement and of course Oregon will honor that as well.  But it never hurts to reach out to each other and to stay in contact.  So try out Zoom or and come together that way.

Resolutions are required to be turned in 30 days prior to the start of the State Convention, meaning as of now you all have a little more time to work on resolutions.  Just remember that we are really working to host the session in September or October, 30 days prior may mean that they will need to be in to the State Office by the middle of August.  So if your Grange has been working on any I encourage you to get them finished up and voted on as soon as you can.  This is something that can be accomplished via a Zoom meeting as they do not require a secret ballot.  Still need a quorum though and of course all members must be able to log on or call depending on your method.

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