Which Membership Plan is right for you?

Member Benefits Individual Family Business E-Membership
Support the Grange mission and values financially with annual dues X X X X
Receive communications on Grange legislative initiatives, community activities, agriculture news, and more X X X X
Participate in local Community Grange events, network with neighbors X X
Vote at Community Grange meetings, discuss policies, influence change through grassroots initiatives; Junior members can speak, but not vote X X
Develop leadership skills as a officer or committee member; Junior members cannot be elected to office, but can substitute when officers are absent X X
Annual membership dues
*Community Granges may add $5-20 local dues
$45* $90* $50* $12
One-time initiation fee $5
Junior $1
$10 $0 $0
Who should join? Learn more: Individual membership Family membership Business membership E-Membership

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