Who should join?

Any individual 14 yrs or older who supports the mission and values of the Grange. E-members often are not able to be involved in the local community at this time.

If you later decide to join a Community Grange, the initiation fee will be waived.

However,  you can be as active in your Community Grange as your schedule allows. You are always welcome to join in a potluck or participate in other social activities or community service projects.

The National Grange offers you a long list of membership benefits.

How to join?

  1. Visit www.nationalgrange.org.
  2. Click Become a member above the menu bar.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click E-Member Registration.
  4. Submit requested member info and the $40 payment for their first year’s dues.

E-Membership makes a great gift!

Give E-Membership to a friend or family member anywhere in the US:

  • Visit www.nationalgrange.org and follow the link for “Give the gift of membership.”
  • Submit the member info and $40 payment for their first year’s dues.
  • Request a gift certificate to be e-mailed or print it yourself.

Send feedback to webmaster@orgrange.org.