Youth & Young Adults Committee Report

“I’d Be Delighted.”

What do you think when you hear this phrase? I, of course, think about the Grange Youth and Young Adults and get a big smile on my face. These Grangers in our state are a wonderful bunch of people, all willing to step up and help whenever and wherever they are invited to do so. I love to go to Granges and see younger members in leadership roles, as officers or committee chairmen or wherever they are needed.

This past year has been a great one for the Oregon State Grange Youth. Soon after state convention two of our youth, Jessie Jo Guttridge and Orrin Schnetzky, traveled to Wilsonville and participated in the Western Regional Conference. Joyce Parker and Suzy Ramm were also there and helped our youth prepare for their competitions. Orrin led the drill team demonstration. These drills are always fun to watch, seeing what intricate moves they will put in. Thank you, Orrin.  Jessie Jo was our State Grange Jeopardy Challenge contest winner. She participated and won that title again at Regionals, giving her the opportunity to represent the Western Region at National Convention in Washington, DC. She also led a very nice inspirational time on Sunday morning. Thank you both; you represented Oregon well.

We had quite a few Youth/Young Adults work at their own county fairs, doing tasks from setting up displays to baking cookies to showing animals. A lot of these Grangers also came to Salem and worked shifts at the Log Cabin during the Oregon State Fair. I think it is very refreshing to see younger Grangers greeting fairgoers and talking about their love for the Grange.

In November I had the opportunity to travel to Washington, DC with three awesome Grangers. Lexie Suing was our Horizon Leadership Ambassador and represented Oregon with charm and grace. Maggie Swartzendruber and Jessie Jo Guttridge were chosen as National Youth Lady Assistant Steward and National Youth Ceres, respectively, showing off their floor work skills with smiles and a little sass. Jessie Jo also competed in the Grange Jeopardy Challenge. She knows some amazing Grange facts that I didn’t even know. Great job, Jessie Jo. We even snuck in to Washington, DC a couple days early so we could tour the monuments, National Grange Headquarters and the National Zoo. I am so proud of these Grangers.

In March we had a Young Adult/Couples conference at Salmon River Grange near Lincoln City. We had a small group, but we had a lot of fun. Thanks to Pat Heard for speaking on social media do’s and don’ts, to Joyce Parker for a great presentation on resolution writing, to Becky Cornforth for a Master Gardening tutorial on making strawberry jam, and to Jim Kusz from Lincoln County Fire and Rescue for a wonderful Power Point on Disaster and Emergency Preparedness. Thanks again to Salmon River Grange. The afternoon lunch, especially the homemade soup, was very tasty and really appreciated.

As we come into this State Grange convention, I want you to know it takes a village to help me out, and I have a great village. Many thanks to my committee for all the hard work they do behind the scenes, making sure every detail gets done.

Connie Suing, Director, Oregon State Grange Youth and Young Adults

Youth Goodie Basket Winners

District Basket           Winner
#1                   Marilyn McClellin, Little Deschutes #939
#2                   Clarkes Grange #261
#3                   Bruce Wallace, Fern Hill Grange #592
#4                   Clarkes Grange #261
#5                   Myrna Colvin, Terrebonne Grange #663
#6                   Walterville Grange #416

Youth Contest and Award Winners

Grange Jeopardy

1st – Jessie Jo Guttridge, Springwater Grange, Clackamas County
2nd – Briauna Herrick, Walterville Grange #416, Lane County
3rd – Payton Miller, Lexington Grange #726, Morrow County
4th – Grace Hays, Abernethy Grange #346, Clackamas County
5th – Nikki Shattuck, White Eagle Grange #683, Umatilla County

Jessie Jo and Grace will represent Oregon at the Western Regional Contest

Public Speaking – Radio Spot

1st – Suzy Ramm, Springwater Grange, Clackamas County will represent Oregon at the Western Regional Contest

2016 National Grange Youth Achievement Award Recipients

William Saunders Agricultural Achievement Award

Entries in fairs, State Grange GWA and Lecturer’s contests, serve as Log Cabin host

Alexa Suing – Sapphire
Carly ItamiSapphire
Elias Utt – Sapphire
Elizabeth WilliamsSapphire
Jessie Jo Guttridge – Sapphire, Emerald
Nick ItamiSapphire
Nicole (Gubrud) BakerSapphire
Riley ReynoldsSapphire
TJ Parker – Emerald

John Trimble Legislative Achievement Award

Emerald – Wrote and supported a resolution; Silver – Served as delegate from their Grange to state convention.

Alexa Suing – Silver
Chloe Lacrosse – Silver
David Wallace Silver
Elias Utt – Silver
Elizabeth Williams – Silver
Grace Hays – Silver
Jessie Jo Guttridge – Emerald, Silver
Kegan Williams – Silver
Maggie Swartzendruber – Silver
Maleek Linwood – Silver
Mikela Heimuller – Silver
Orrin Schnetzky – Silver

John Thompson Ritual Achievement Award

State Youth Officer

Alex Coe – Gold
Alexa Suing – Gold
Briauna Herrick – Gold
Chloe Lacrosse – Gold
Elias Utt – Gold
Erika Anderson – Gold
Grace Hays – Gold
Jacob Yost – Gold
Jessie Jo Guttridge – Emerald, Gold
Maggie Swartzendruber – Gold
Maleek Linwood – Gold
Mikela Heimuller – Emerald, Gold
Orrin Schnetzky – Emerald, Gold
Patrick Anderson – Gold
Payton Miller – Gold
Qiana Helm – Emerald, Gold

Drill Achievement Award

Emerald – Youth Officer opening and closing drill, Rosebud drill or Memorial Service drill team; Silver – Regional youth drill team

Alex Coe – Emerald
Alexa Suing – Emerald
Briauna Herrick – Emerald
Chloe Lacrosse – Emerald
Elias Utt – Emerald
Erika Anderson – Emerald
Grace Hays – Emerald
Jacob Yost – Emerald
Jessie Jo Guttridge – Emerald, Silver
Maggie Swartzendruber – Emerald
Maleek Linwood – Emerald
Mikela Heimuller – Emerald
Orrin Schnetzky – Emerald, Silver
Patrick Anderson – Emerald
Payton Miller – Emerald
Qiana Helm – Emerald
Riley Reynolds – Silver

Caroline A. Hall Achievement Award

Sapphire – Grange plays; Emerald – Community service projects; Silver – Grange or community talent contests, skits; Ruby – Plan workshop, etc. for regionals

Alexa Suing -Sapphire, Emerald, Silver
Briauna Herrick – Silver
Jennifer Souders – Sapphire, Emerald
Jessie Jo Guttridge – Sapphire, Emerald, Silver, Ruby
Maggie Swartzendruber – Emerald
Nicole (Gubrud) Baker – Emerald
Orrin Schnetzky – Silver
Payton Miller – Silver
Riley Reynolds – Silver

Oliver Hudson Kelley Public Speaking Achievement Award

Silver – Participated in State Grange public speaking contest; Ruby – Participated in regional public speaking contest

Orrin Schnetzky – Silver, Ruby
Riley Reynolds – Silver, Ruby

Francis McDowell Trivia Challenge Award

Completion of Trivia Challenge with at least 80% score

Alexa Suing
Jessie Jo Guttridge
Maggie Swartzendruber

Aaron B. Grosh Mentoring Award

Ruby – Worked with Juniors at State Grange

Briauna Herrick – Ruby
Elias Utt – Ruby
Elizabeth Williams – Ruby
Kegan Williams – Ruby
Jessie Jo Guttridge – Ruby
Payton Miller – Ruby

2016 National Grange Leadership Award For Outstanding Youth Recipients

Must earn Achievments awards, complete the Grange Trivia Challenge with at least 80%, serve on Grange degree team(s), participate in Grange promotional events and demonstrate Grange leadership

Alexa Suing – Crow #450
Jessie Jo Guttridge – Springwater #263
Maggie Swartzendruber – Riversdale #731

2017 Contests and Awards for Young Adults (Ages 14-35)

Oregon State Grange Youth Officers application must be sent to the State Youth Director postmarked no later than March 30

Oregon Teenager Award application must be sent to the State Youth Director postmarked no later than May 15

Horizon Leadership Ambassador & Young Patron Program: Applicants must complete the Trivia Challenge, complete the application form and send a letter of recommendation from your Subordinate/Community Grange Master or Secretary to the State Youth Director postmarked no later than May 15.

Folding Display Contest Display must be entered for judging at the State Grange Convention by noon on Sunday June 25.

Grange Jeopardy

National Grange Youth Officers Team: Applicants must complete the Trivia Challenge and send their application with photo and letter of recommendation postmarked no later than September 1 to the National Youth Director.

John Trimble National Youth Legislative Experience Applications must be postmarked no later than September 1 to the National Youth Director

Youth Department Contests Open to All Grangers

Youth Booster Award nomination must be sent to the State Youth Director postmarked no later than May 15

Sign-A-Song Contest contestants must notify the State Youth Director no later than May 15

Public Speaking Contest contestants must notify the State Youth Director no later than May 15

Grassroots Activism Award deadline to submit application to National Grange Legislative Director is December 1

National Grange Achievement Awards

Seals can be earned in any order.

A certificate will be issued with the first seal earned for each individual Achievement Award in a given year. Additional seals will be sent separately if applied for at different times.

While this is a project of the Youth and Young Adults department, it is open to all Grangers.

Send forms showing completed awards to the Oregon State Grange office postmarked no later than August 15.

2017 Distinguished Youth Program

Join the Grange

The youth program is for teenagers, young adults and young couples aged 14 to 35 years.

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Youth Committee

Connie Suing
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Erica Anderson
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District 2
Pat Heard
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District 3
Brenda Hoag
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Joyce Parker
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District 5
Teresa Brott
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District 6
Gail Wilson
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At Large
Lexie Suing
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Mikela Heimuller
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