State Grange Information

2018 State Grange Convention 

June 23-28, 2018, Clatsop County Fair and Expo, 92937 Walluski Loop Astoria, OR 97103

Resolutions adopted setting Legislative Policy

Masters annual address

2018 internal policy:  By-Laws and Good of the Order resolutions adopted by the delegates.  By-Laws changes go into effect September 1.

State Grange By-Laws

Proceedings for Previous State Conventions



GROW stands for “Go Right On Working.” GROW Club members represented the Oregon State Grange as youth. These Grow Club members and friends exemplified Degrees 1-5 for nine candidates at Parkdale Grange #500. Seated from left to right:  Suzy Ramm, Brianna Hayes, Susan Noah. Standing from left to right: Gertrude Thompson, Steve Kroeker, Susie Kroeker, Mark Noah, Carol Everman, Celia Luttrell, Marilyn Reiher, Cole Wilson, Sandi Ludi, Bob Ludi, Gail Wilson, Dick Wanker, & Annette Wanker.  Join us on Facebook.

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