2018 Oregon State Grange Calendar

The calendar features photos from the 2017 Oregon State Grange Lecturer’s photography contest.

Order form: $10 each, 3 for $25, 12 for $90

GrangeUp ’17 Awards

GrangeUp ’17 is the name selected for a new Oregon State Grange membership drive.  The goal of this campaign is for each Grange to have a net gain of at least two members.

To reward Granges who far exceed this modest goal, the State Grange will give cash prizes to the three Granges that have the highest percentage of increase of new members.  The increase will compare the 4th quarter of 2017 with the 4th quarter 2016.

Highest % gain                                     $750
Second highest % gain                        $500
Third highest % gain                            $250

In addition six other Granges (one in each district) that have the highest percentage of gain, but did not receive cash, will win an ice cream social from G.R.O.W. Club. This means that a total of nine Granges will win prizes for their membership gains in 2017.

The State Grange will mail each new member a packet that includes the Welcome to the Grange booklet, a 150th anniversary pin, a car decal, and a voucher for $5 off their 2018 dues, which is also a $5 savings on the dues your Grange forwards to the State Grange in 2018.

Expect a representative of the State Grange to visit your Grange in February or March to deliver a box of member recruitment tools and explain the program.  If you do not receive a visit or a call by March 15, please contact the State Grange office.

GrangeUp ’17 Member Recruitment Tools

Spotlight on the Grange:  This video was created by the National Grange to tell our history, purpose, and values in five minutes.  It may take time to load on your computer.

What’s in the box?

Membership Committee Report

What an exciting year to be a Granger!! Celebrating our wonderful organization turning 150 years old is amazing!! Having each Grange in the state visited by State Grange Officers, Deputies, Directors, and Committee Chairmen sharing the “GrangeUp ‘17” Membership Opportunity is totally awesome!! We love hearing the enthusiasm that Grangers are sharing about their Grange with those in their community as they are opening their doors to the public.

This past year the State Membership Committee along with the Lecturer’s Department again sold calendars as a fundraising project. Photos from the 2016 Lecturer’s Photography Contest were selected to use for the 2017 calendar.  Thanks goes to those who agreed to let us use their photo. Cat Thomas again worked on the layout (using input from Grangers) and had them printed; many thanks to all those Grangers and Granges that purchased them. About $500 was raised for each department. That is fantastic and is very much appreciated!!

Last August Sandi had the pleasure of taking Joe Stefenoni (National Grange Leadership/Membership Director) on a road trip. Their first stop was Central Point Grange in Medford. The group was small, but not without enthusiasm. Joe’s presentation was well received. Our next stop was Terrebonne Grange. It was a warm evening, but it didn’t keep Grangers away as it was a great turnout!! One question he asked at the conferences was “Who’s Next? “ If you can’t identify future leaders in your Grange, then taking time to train them to become confident in assuming a Grange office when the time comes will be important. A big thank you to Central Point and Terrebonne Granges for hosting these conferences. Another thank you goes to Ed and Celia Luttrell for housing Joe and taking him to the Western Regional Conference in Wilsonville, Oregon.

Three members of our committee attended Western Regionals—Cat Thomas, Sam Keator, and Jeff Dehne. Thank you to these members for helping man the Membership Table while there. Lots of the items being sold or given away were well received.

Many of the members of the State Membership Committee helped man the Log Cabin at the State Fair. It is a great opportunity to greet those who visit the cabin and let them know a little about the Grange. We encourage all Grangers to volunteer this coming August at the Log Cabin to help spread the Grange enthusiasm to fairgoers.

Last fall we attended the Director’s Retreat in Lincoln City. Discussion and brainstorming began as to what our State could do to increase membership in collaboration with celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the Grange? The theme “GrangeUp ’17” Engage. Connect. Celebrate. was enthusiastically decided upon to embark on our statewide Membership Campaign.

A follow-up meeting was held in January to help kick off the Campaign. The rest is history and now it’s up to each and every Grange to plan events that will bring the community into their hall and share their Grange story with non-members. We need to ENGAGE more Do-ers to join us to help GROW our organization. One way that we can CONNECT with the community is to partner with other groups. Holding events with other groups can be very advantageous for all involved. It’s a great way to get the name of the Grange out to the community, and then we can plan to CELEBRATE as we gain new members in our Granges.

It was suggested by our State Community Service Director, Eva Frost, to combine the Membership Idea Booklets Vol. 1 and 2 along with the Community Service Booklet. Hence “The Endless Sea Filled with Possibilities” Booklet was created. A big thank you to Cat Thomas for taking on this project and to all those who helped along the way. It is an excellent resource to use in planning Grange events and community service projects.

Our State Membership Committee met three times this past year. Our committee members have been busy visiting Granges and following up with them in regards to promoting the GrangeUp’17 Opportunity and our Membership program as well. Our District Chairman will be sharing success stories so far from their district at the Membership Luncheon.

The State FFA Convention was held March 25-26 at the Deschutes County Fairgrounds in Redmond. It will be held there next year as well. It was great to have some youth from Terrebonne Grange present in the Grange booth talking to FFA members about the Grange as they came by. Thanks to Myrna and Keith Colvin for helping out as well. We appreciate all your help. Our hope is that someday the FFA members blue coat will be exchanged for a Grange blue sash. FFA members are a great fit for the Grange. It is exciting to hear that many Granges are inviting FFA members to their halls so that they can practice giving their speech in preparation for the State FFA Convention. It is great exposure for the FFA members as well as allowing them to see a glimpse of what the Grange is all about.

Ag-Fest was a week later this year, April 29-30. Special thanks to all those who helped promote the Grange while there! A new coloring sheet and brochure (with a membership application) designed especially for families attending Ag-Fest, were handed out. Cat Thomas designed both of these items (with suggestions from our State Grange Master and Agriculture Director) for this event. Thank you to all of you for making this suggestion a reality.

In closing, we want to take this opportunity to thank our committee for their service to our organization. Most members turn in very little to no expenses for their travel to visit Granges, attend committee meetings, etc.  This is a testament to the dedication of the Oregon State Grange Membership Committee. You are very much appreciated!

Remember that when planning events to grow your membership—there are a “Sea of Possibilities.”

Sandi and Bob Ludi, Co-Directors Oregon State Grange Membership Committee

State Session

The Membership Department has these available at state session:

  • Merchandise:  Several new items will be available to purchase at our membership table.
  • Membership Luncheon: The Membership Department puts on the Membership Luncheon during State Session. This is a must attend event! Granges that have had a membership gain in the calendar year are recognized.

Membership Awards for Gain

During the State Grange Convention, prizes are awarded to Granges that have the highest membership gains in the previous calendar year:

Highest % gain                                    $100
Second highest % gain                         $75
Third highest % gain                            $50
Fourth highest % gain                          $25

2017 winners were:

Highest % Gain Garfield #317 Clackamas 87% $100
2nd Highest % Gain Fairmount  #252 Benton 65% $75
3rd Highest % Gain Chetco #756 Curry 58% $50
4th Highest % Gain Rockford #501 Hood River 40% $25

Reorganized, consolidated, or newly chartered Granges are ineligible for consideration the year that event occurs. However, reorganized and consolidated Granges will receive $100 and a newly chartered Grange will receive $150.

All Granges with a 15% gain or more qualify for a drawing for an indoor/outdoor flag.  In 2017 they were:

Grange County % Gain
Gresham #270
Terrebonne #663
Dorena #835
Riversdale #731
Hurricane Creek #608
Spencer Creek #855
Union Hill #728
Multnomah #71
Pleasant Grove #475
Wickiup #722
Pine Valley #815
Sutherlin Community #724
Skyline #894
Summit #432
Sunnydale #877
Sixes #856

 The winner of the drawing for the Indoor/Outdoor Grange Flag was Dorena Grange #835 in Lane County.

Membership Committee Members

Bob Ludibob_sandi  Email  503-351-7148
Sandi Ludi  Email  503-310-2620
18275 Myra Ct
Sandy, OR 97055
 District 1 Jill Hamm
932 NE Dewey
Grants Pass, OR 97526
District 2
Jeff Dehne
40370 Deerhorn Rd
Springfield, OR 97478
District 3
Sam Keator
PO Box 4746
Tualatin, OR 97062
District 4
Linda Short
2115 Avalon Way
Hood River, OR 97031
District 5
Myrna Colvin
PO Box 2039
Terrebonne, OR 97760
District 6
Derrell and Clarann Witty
65156 Mawhin Rd
Enterprise, OR 97828
At Large
Cat Thomas
1649 NE Kane Dr
Gresham, OR 97030
Text only 503-784-5668

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