2018 Oregon State Grange Calendar

The calendar features photos from the 2017 Oregon State Grange Lecturer’s photography contest.

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Lecturer’s Report

This past year has been one big adventure after another in learning my responsibilities as Oregon State Grange Lecturer.

I attended Western Regionals in August in Wilsonville, where I learned about the “Lecturer in a Box” program. When we paired up to create our own program, I realized I was paired with a young man from California that I had met at Junior Grange Camp in 1998. I was delighted that he was still actively involved in Grange activities.

In mid-August I was in Grass Valley, California visiting family and had the opportunity to visit the Orangevale Grange meeting where my partner from Western Regionals is a member. I thoroughly enjoyed their meeting and went away with some new ideas for the future. I especially liked their Zucchini Derby, a take on the Boy Scout soap box derby. I have yet to find a vegetable that works as wheels.

The Grange Calendar fundraiser was in process and a big thank you to Sandi Ludi, Membership Co-Director and Cat Thomas for doing all the work. I bought enough to give to family, friends and co-workers, who enjoyed the many photos taken by Grange members.

In late September I attended the Directors’ Retreat led by State Master Susan Noah. Out of that weekend came the GrangeUp ‘17 program; planning, finances, and Marilyn teaching us how to write effective articles. My head has been swimming ever since that weekend; so much information. Thank you to all the cooks. We all know a Grange event always has food.

In January we were given our GrangeUp boxes and information to give to Granges of our choice. I chose four Granges out of my area that I had never attended and went to offer assistance. I enjoyed meeting Grangers from Charity, Smith River, Deer Creek and Midland Granges and sharing how we may increase our membership.

Due to my irregular work schedule, I have not been able to visit as many Granges and Grange events as I would like this year. I asked for August 30 off for Log Cabin at State Fair, and I’m looking forward to having a good day spreading the Grange word. Anyone want to join me?

Thank you to my committee members for this year of learning/teaching me what I’m supposed to do. District 1 Carmel Valencia, District 3 Theresa Thorud, District 4 Dan Lebrun, District 5 Vickie High, Member at Large Becky Brier.

Thank you to Worthy Master Susan Noah and past Lecturer Jeanie Force for all your help and information.

Thank you to my “other half,” Brother Wayne Cabler, for carrying and storing all the totes of Lecturer “regalia” that without his muscles to pick up those totes and a truck to haul them, would be difficult to bring along.

It’s been an honor to serve as Oregon State Lecturer this past year.

Linda Helm, Oregon State Grange Lecturer

Lecturer’s Programs in a Box

Starting in April 2016, the National Grange Lecturer began releasing one program each month to Lecturers for use for Grange meetings. These are created as “programs in a box” – with all kinds of resources, tips and tools for the Lecturer to use to provide a program that fits their Grange or stretches beyond their normal approach. On the Lecturer’s Programing page of the National Grange website, the left column lists currently available programs.

2017 State Contest Rules

2017 State Contest Winners

Entries for the Talent Contest must be sent to the State Lecturer postmarked no later than June 1. Entries for all other contests must be received in the Lecturer’s room at the Florence Events Center by noon on Sunday June 25. If no one from your Grange is attending the convention, you can mail your entries to the State Grange office (643 Union St. NE, Salem 97301) by June 1.

Each entry must include contest entered, category and division of that contest. No entry will be accepted without the entrant’s name, complete address, phone number, Grange name and number. For non-members, please list the sponsoring Grange member’s name and Grange. If you print and fill out contest entry labels before you arrive at the convention, your entries will be processed faster.

All entries need to be picked up at State Session by Noon on the last day of the session

2017 Contest Rules Due Date 2014 Winners


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  • Oils and Acrylics
  • Water Colors
  • Charcoal, Pencil or Chalk
  • Pen and Ink
  • Pastels
By Noon on Sunday June 25 at State Grange Convention lecturer_art


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  • Handmade
  • Computer generated
By Noon on Sunday June 25 at State Grange Convention lecturer_flyers

Lecturer’s Program in a Box

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The Lecturer’s Program in a Box entry must be submitted as a .ppt file by email to lecturer@nationalgrange.org by October 31, 2017 for judging.


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By Noon on Sunday June 25 at State Grange Convention

Pen in Hand Writing

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  • Poetry
  • Tell the Story
By Noon on Sunday June 25 at State Grange Convention lecturer_pen_in_hand


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  • Scenic
  • Close-ups
  • Family
  • Pets and/or farm animals
  • Wild animals
  • Oldies/Goodies
  • Grange Activities
  • Holidays
  • Potpourri (Anything else!)
By Noon on Sunday June 25 at State Grange Convention  lecturer_photo -1


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  • Handmade
  • Computer generated
By Noon on Sunday June 25 at State Grange Convention


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By Noon on Sunday June 25 at State Grange Convention lecturer_programs

Skit Writing

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By Noon on Sunday June 25 at State Grange Convention lecturer_skits


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  • Vocal
  • Instrumental
  • Variety Acts


June 1


Lecturer’s Handbook

Click a link below to display and download the contents of this year’s Lecturer’s Handbook. Files are not in the same order as the pages in the printed book.

Lecturer’s Committee

Director Linda Helm
4155 Omaha Ave
Medford 97501
District 1
Carmel Valencia
79 Betty Jo Way
Talent 97540
District 2
Roberta O’Dell
PO Box 236
Lyons 97358
District 3
Theresa Thorud
23585 SW Jacobsen Rd, #56
Hillsboro 97124
District 4
Dan LeBrun
17780 Towle Dr
Sandy 97055
District 5
Vickie High
PO Box 62
Midland 97634
District 6
David McBride
63232 Scotch Creek Rd
Enterprise 97828

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