junior_or_logoJunior Committee Report

As a young, growing family ourselves, Kegan and I were excited to take on the role of co-directors of the Junior program. This last year has definitely been a learning experience but we have high hopes for the program going forward.

Some of our hopes are to put on more state-wide Junior activities bringing all the kids together more often. Things like the Junior Jamboree and possibly even a Junior Camp are among the activities we’d like to see put back together. We’d also love to see the 1+ program grow and flourish and see more Granges adding Juniors and even young families into their ranks. Visiting all the Granges with either Junior members or standalone Junior Granges is also high on our list of hopes for the coming years.

Of course for most of these hopes to see fruition, we will need the help of a strong committee. As of right now, we can’t begin to thank the enough District Chair people we do have for all that they do and have done for us this year. Moving forward with the small Committee we currently have is doable, but we would love to add to our team so that we can better help Juniors around Oregon. If you are in District 4 or 5, and you’re interested in joining our team or even curious about what joining our team would mean, please don’t hesitate to email Kegan and me at JRdir@orgrange.org.

In closing, we are excited for this year’s convention and getting to hang out with all the Juniors we already know and meet those that are new to the program. We have a lot of fun things planned, and hope you are all as stoked as we are.

Kegan and Elizabeth Williams, Co-Directors, Oregon State Grange Junior Committee

Oregon State Junior Grange Talent Winners


  • ages 8-10 Deliliah Lantz
  • ages 11-14 Riley Reynolds


  • ages 11-14 Samuel Bence


  • ages 5-7 Anastasia Williams

Overall Winners:  Tie between Riley Reynolds and Anastasia Williams

Join the Fun!

Want to become a Junior Grange member? Girls and boys between the ages of 5 and 14 can now become Junior members of Subordinate/Community Granges. You can:

  • Attend and participate in meetings
  • Substitute for an officer who is absent
  • Speak on a topic being discussed
  • Help with Grange projects and events
  • Attend a Junior Jamboree
  • Enter State and National Grange contests

The cost is $1 initiation fee and $1 annual dues.  Print this brochure, fill out the application form, and give it to your local Grange.  If you don’t know who to give it to, sent it to:

Oregon State Grange
643 Union Street NE
Salem, Oregon 97301



See what we are doing today


 Junior Grange Pledge

I promise that I will obey the rules of the Order and will treat my Brothers and Sisters with respect.

I will try to follow the good advice of my parents and teachers and will do my best to avoid bad company and harmful habits.

Junior Grange Activity Sheets

Each activity sheet contains puzzles, quizzes, and/or a merit badge activity for a month. They are intended to be used to keep your new Junior members busy while adults discuss issues that aren’t of interest to Juniors.   Download the entire set or print them a month at a time:

January May September
February June October
March July November
April August December

State Junior Officers

During the annual convention of the Oregon State Junior Grange, many activities are planned for the benefit of the Juniors in attendance. These include educational tours, contests, and the conferral of the Junior Degree by the State Junior Officers.  Applications received by April 1 will receive first consideration.


Merit Badges

Merit Badges reward Juniors for learning and sharing what they learned.  In the process Juniors develop essential critical thinking and presentation skills.  These new badges are have been added for 2017.  See the National Junior Grange website for the Merit Badge Manual.

Super JG Award

Ambassador Program

Award Certificates

National Grange 2017 Program Guide

The National Grange Junior Director announced additional contests for Juniors.  Since the National Grange Convention is in November, their due dates are October 1.  The Program Guide contains the rules as well as suggested activities for Juniors for each month..

Photo Release Form

Have parents sign this Model Release form when Juniors or other children participate in activities that you photograph to use in publicity for future events.

Junior Leaders, there’s an additional page of information just for you.

Junior Committee

Elizabeth & Kegan Williams
1035 21st ave SE
Albany, OR 97322
Elizabeth 541-730-1072
Kegan 541-730-1076
District 1
Heather Elliott
04945 Branch Rd
Florence 97439
District 2
Iva May Van Noy
1216 Bramblewood Ln
Eugene, OR 97404
District 3
Tina Reynolds
PO Box 703
Forest Grove, OR 97116
District 4
District 5
District 6
Elvaree Fine
208 Robert St
Enterprise, OR  97828

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