Deaf Awareness and Family Health

Deaf Awareness and Family Health Committee Report

Entering summer 2018 with two years of experience as an OSG director, I’m struck by how hard it’s been to focus this committee’s efforts on any one area of health and community education. While there seems to be no shortage of information on any health issue we face, our ability to take care of ourselves and those who need us isn’t getting any better because of it. Our rates of self-destructive behavior when it comes to food, recreation, and relationships are dangerously high.  Apparently, information isn’t the whole answer when it comes to family health.

As so often happens, the advice the Grange has offered for over 150 years is just as relevant today: “We must avoid intemperance in eating, drinking, and language, also in work and recreation.” This healthy balance must be taught and developed in our children and encouraged at every age.

Computers have transformed how we deal with health issues, not only for laypeople with access to WebMD but for our doctors and other providers who can share medical records in real time and constantly update their knowledge base for our benefit. Kudos to our National Grange for its work in making the Internet functionally available to all rural Americans, which is key for equal access to education, social connections, competitive shopping options, and particularly health care.

Meanwhile, individual Granges are throwing support lifelines to things that have local importance in their communities. Cuddle cots, veteran appreciation gestures large and small, free Zumba lessons — the work we’re doing is impressive. Thank you for doing it and thank you even more for sharing articles with the Bulletin. It’s another way we “incite one another to good works,” as the Overseer advises in the Fifth Degree.

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting a few Grange meetings in the course of making Grange Connections. As more and more Granges move away from the structure of opening and closing full form, please consider this nugget:  Singing together promotes wellness. Not just woo-woo wellness arising from a positive and life-affirming message in a song – although that’s truly beneficial as well — but increased oxygen intake and exercise of the mouth, throat, and lungs.  Singing a familiar song, even when you need help remembering the words, is good mental exercise, too. So, keep your Grange singing and be healthy together.

My sincere thanks to Lynn Johnson, Doris Thurston, Sen Speroff, Genie Harden, and most recently Darlene McDonnell for serving as District Chairs.

Peggy Jillson,
2017/2018 DAFH Director

Deaf Awareness Resources

Dogs for Better Lives

Dogs for the Deaf is now Dogs for Better Lives. The 503(3)(c) no longer focuses solely on enabling hardly hearing and deaf people to live more independently in their homes and communities. They are also placing assistance dogs with those with autism and in classrooms or other programs where a dog can provide calm.

Granges have a long history of supporting this organization. Donations are always appreciated.

Mail         10175 Wheeler Rd, Central Point, OR  97502
Phone      541-826-9220 Voice or TDD

Sign-A-Song Contests

Although the Oregon State Grange and National Grange Youth Departments sponsor the Sign-A-Song contest, it is open to Grange members of any age. The National Grange also sponsors a Sign-A_Song contest for Juniors ages 5 through 14.

William Ireland Deaf Awareness Achievement Awards

Although achievement awards are sponsored by the Youth Department, members of any age are eligible to earn them. A Sapphire award can be earned for learning the manual alphabet, an Emerald award for designing a deaf awareness program or display, and a Silver award for signing a song. There are five William Ireland Deaf Awareness Achievement Awards in all.

Deaf Awareness Grants

The National Grange Foundation awards Deaf Awareness Grants of up to $500 to three State Granges each year. The Foundation is looking for projects that have an impact on deaf education and involve members working with deaf community. The State Grange applies for a Subordinate/Community or Pomona Grange.  The application deadline is in early May.

Deaf Awareness and Family Health Committee

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