Celebrate 150 Years

The Grange was founded on December 4, 1867 in Washington, D.C. as an organization for farmers.

The National Grange urges each Grange to celebrate the 150th anniversary in its own way sometime between December 1 and 4, 2017.

Watch this page of reports of what Granges in Oregon are doing to celebrate 150 years!


Grange Legacy Family Commendation

In honor of the Grange’s 150th birthday, the National Grange is starting the Grange Legacy Family Recognition program to honor those families who have five or more generations of Grange members.

“We give recognition to individuals who have been a Grange member for 25, 50, 75, 80, and  even 90 years, and we want to recognize families and encourage the next generation to keep up with that and keep that legacy going,” said Huber.

The first honorees will be recognized at National Convention in Spokane, Washington in November. The family will receive a certificate, and each family member can receive a copy upon request.

150th Sesquicentennial Information Packet

This sesquicentennial year is an important milestone in the history of our great organization. The Sesquicentennial committee has researched and compiled a packet of interesting information designed to assist Granges in making the most of the opportunity to learn about and to celebrate the rich history of Grange. The packet contains interesting historical facts, short biographies of important Grange leaders as well as suggested ways to celebrate. Lecturers or any other Grange member who is in charge of sesquicentennial events should find the information very helpful.

Oregon’s Traveling Library Exhibit

The 150 Years of Grange timeline poster was first shown at the Corvallis-Benton County Library April 16-30. Their large display case also held the logo, motto, ballot box, gavel, document seal, officer sashes and badges, emblems, books, and newspapers.

From there it traveled to:

May Philomath Community Library
Sandy Public Library
June Albany Main Library
Oregon State Grange Convention
July Albany Carnegie Library
Lane County Fair
Rainier Public Library (7/25-8/23)
Great Oregon Steam Up (7/29-30)
August Hermiston Public Library
Great Oregon Steam Up (8/5-8/6)
Log Cabin Oregon State Fair (8/25-9/4)
September Baker County Main Branch Library
Forest Grove City Library
Bandon Public Library
October Ontario Community Library
Silver Falls Public Library
Southern Oregon Historical Society Research Library

Here’s its future schedule:

November Eugene Public Library
Phoenix Public Library
December Eugene Public Library
Lowell City Library
January Oregon City Public Library
Washington County Museum
February Molalla Public Library
Washington County Museum
March Washington County Museum
April 28-June 24 Multnomah Central Library

To schedule the exhibit at your library, contact webmaster@orgrange.org  

Send feedback to webmaster@orgrange.org